Fishing Itineraries

The places in which I lived out unforgettable experiences of life and fishing. In each of them I left a little piece of me and formed some precious relationships with fantastic individuals I had the good fortune to meet.

“Don’t tell me how old you are or how educated you are. Tell me how much you’ve travelled… then I’ll tell you how much you know.”

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
(Mark Twain)


2016 – Urban Fishing

1) Manhattan, New York – Strippers and Bluefish

2) Montauk, New York – Surfcasting capital of the world

3) Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Numerous Browns and Rainbows

4) Paris, France  – Predator on light tackle

5) Dubai, UAE – Cherries, Emperor

6) Zaragoza, Spain – Wels (con una sola L)

7) London, UK –  Wels, Zander, trout

8) Florence, Italy – Wels and Carps

9) Rome, Italy – Catfish and Carps

10) Seattle, Washington – Salmons on Skagit River

11) San Diego, California – Mako, White Bass, fishing on famous beaches

12) Richmond, Virginia – Blue catfish, Long Nose Gar

13) Savannah, Georgia – Sea Trout, Redfish, flounders

14) Minneapolis, Minnesota – Small Mouth Bass

15) Boston, Massachusetts – Fluke, Sole, Mako, Trout & Brood stock Salmon

16) Charleston, South Carolina

17) Galveston, Texas – Black Drums, Kingfish

18) New Orleans, Louisiana – Sheephead, Snapper, Red Drum

19) Ocean City, Maryland – Whyte Marlin

20) Bozeman, Montana – Trouts

21) Prince Edward Island – Capital of the world of Blue Fin Tuna

22) Tampa, Florida – Snook

23) Dallas – Gar Pike

2015 – South and Central America

1) Bolivia, Tsimane forest – golden Dorado, pacu, Surubi

2) Belize – Inshore slam, Bonefish

3) Panama – Big Fish on poppers

4) Brasil, Rio Madeira, Flood plain lake – arapaima

5) Brasil, Rio Teles, Pires – Piraiba

6) Brasil, Balbina reservoir – black piranha

7) Brasil, rio Marie – peacock

8) Guatemala, Sailfish Capital of the World

9)Argentina, rio grande river, Tierra Del fuego – sea run Browns

10) Argentina, Esquina – Golden Dorado, surubi

11) Argentina, Buenos Aires – Rainbows, Browns, Brooks

12) Argentina, Patagonia river south – Rainbows, Browns, Brooks, land locked Atlantic salmon

13) Argentina, Patagonia river north, San Martin de los Andes – Rainbows, Browns, Brooks

14) Chile, Patagonia – Rainbows, Browns, Brooks

15) Venezuela, Paragua river – Payara

1) Kona- Hawaii. Blue Marlin, Short nose Spearfish, Opah
2) Socotra- Yemen. Huge GTs
3) Bermuda. Parrots, monster Marlin
4) Bahamas. Hogfish, bonefish
5) Keys- Florida. Permits
6) Seychelles. Triggers
7) Great barrier – Australia. Maori Wrasse
8) Madeira. Black and Blue Marlin, Marlin
9) Iceland. Atlantic Salmon
10) Bijagos island. Sharks. Huge Tarpon. African Pompano
11) Capoverde. Sharks from shore
12) Greenland. Artic Char
13) PEI (Prince Edward Island)- Capital of the world for Blufin Tuna
14) Maldives
15) Madagascar. Goliah Grouper
16) Andamane Islands
17) Christmas Island.Kiribati, GT
18) Tasmania – Trout
19) Papua New Guinea – Black bass, huge barramundi, GT, dogtooth tuna
20) Graham Langara Islands – Coho, Chinook, Pacific hallibut
21) Venezuela, Los Roques – Bonefish, tarpon, permit, jacks

2013 – SPECIAL Canada and North America

1) BC, Fraser River. Best giant white sturgeon
2) Saskatchewan, Tobin Lake. Best reservoir walleye
3) Alberta, Michel lake. Golden trouts
4) Quebec, Gran Cascapedia river. Best atlantic salmon
5) Nuova scotia, Annapolis river. Best American Shad
6) Ontario, Bay of Quinte. Best numbers of largemounts bass
7) NWT, Great bear lake. Best for trophy of lake trouts
8) BC, Haida Gwaii. Best ocean fishing for Chinook salmon
9) Ontario, Kesagami Lake. Best for trophy northern pike
10) BC, Kispiox River. Best for giant native steelhead
11) Saskatchewan, lake Athabasca. Best for numbers of big lake trout
12) Saskatchewan lake Diefenbaker. Huge rainbow trouts
13) Ontario, lake erie. Best for yellow perch
14) Ontario, lake of woods. Best multiple species
15) Ontario, lake Simcoe. Best smallmouths
16) Ontario,Minipi watershed. Best for brook trouts
17) Manitoba, lake Winnipeg. Best for walleye
18) Manitoba, lake Winnipeg. Best for walleye
19) Ontario, Rainy lake. Best for black crappie
20) Manitoba, Red river. Best for channel catfish
21) New Brunswick, Saint John River. Best large stripped bass
22) Ontario e Quebec, St. Lawrence River. Best trophy muskellunge
23) Alberta, South Ram River. Best cutthroat trout
24) BC, Stamp River. Best for Chinook salmon
25) Nunavut, Tree River. Best for world record Artic Char
26) Yukon, Wolf River. Best for numbers of Artic grayling
NWT. Inconnu.
28) Newfoundland, Witless Bay Lower Pond. Best for big sea run brown trout
29) Montana & North Dakota, Missouri\yellostone River. Paddlefish
30) Texas, Trinity River. Best Alligator Gar
31) San Diego, California. Opah
32) Los Cabos, Mexico. Stripped Marlin, rooster Fish
33) Tampa, FL. Tarpon, snook, hog Fish
34) Ascension Bay, Mexico. Permit
35) Islamorada, FL. Bonefish, Redfish
36) Louisiana/Mississippi – red and black drums
37) Baja California – Mexico. Capital of the world of stripped marlin. Roosters

2012 – Africa addiction

1) Gabon – Giant African Treadfin, Guinean Barracuda, Cubera

2) Sudan – Bluefin, GT’s, Triggerfish

3) Cape Verde Islands – Blue Marlyn

4) South Africa, Sterfontein Dam – Small Mouth Yellowfish

5) Dubai – Sailfish, Spanish Mackerel, Grouper

6) Guinea Bissau – Huge Tarpons

2011 – More African Adventures

1) Kenya, Mombasa – Sailfish & Dorado, Big Game

2) Kenya, Lake Victoria – Tilapia, Nile Perch

3) Mauritius – Black Marlin, Skypjack, Tuna

4) Egypt, Lake Nasser – Giant Vudu Catfish, Nile Perch, Tiger fish

5) Guinea Bissau – Tarpons, Sharks

2010 – Africa Exploration

1) Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba – Tiger Fish

2) Angola, Luana – Sailfish

3) Lesotho – Trout

4) Tanzania, Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers – Tiger fish

5) Botswana, Okavango – Tiger fish

6) Congo, Congo River – Goliath Tigerfish

7) Guinea Bissau – African Pike and River exploration